Welcome to NCDiscGolfCourses.com, where you can find all the information you need for playing disc golf in North Carolina. We currently have over 70 disc golf courses in our database, with new information added daily. From Charlotte to Raleigh, Tee Pad to Basket, and Discraft to Innova we have the information you need to know about Disc Golf Courses, Clubs and Events.

3/18/09 - Disc Golf Season Begins
It's getting warm out, and its time to hit the courses again. If you have any information about new courses, closed courses, disc golf clubs, or events feel free to e-mail me at the address below and share. You can also check out the forum and post any updates there for up to the minute information.

11/5/07 - Hiatus Over
It has been a while since content was last updated. NCDiscGolfCourses.com has officially moved home base from Raleigh to Charlotte, which caused the delay. Now that things are settling down from the move, more content will start making it's way online again. With winter around the corner, however, it will be much harder to get new course content. Keep checking back, and make sure to send us an e-mail with any suggestions on sections that you would like to see improved.

9/10/07 - The Long Haul
Things are settling down here at NCDiscGolfCourses.com and we are now it in for the long haul. Most of the originally conceived functionality of this site is up and running (including the new cool Google Map with all the Disc Golf courses displayed). Finally had a chance to get some far out courses, so go on and check out Toisnot Park, Fontana Village Resort, and Kilborne Park (ok Kilborne isn't far, but it's new). As you may have noticed, many holes with pictures don't have diagrams yet. Fear not, they will find their way online in due time, the process is slow and steady. Keep checking back, more Charlotte courses are in the future, as well as a place to post your own comments for each course! Also, bear with me as I try to sort out this Google advertising stuff, which seems to think we are a BALL Golf site, which we are not. More relevant ads to come!

8/21/07 - Moving Forward
A lot has changed here since the last post. First, we have added the functionality to browse multiple photographs of each hole, just click on the camera icon on the diagram of a hole that you are looking up to change the picture to that view. Secondly, all the Raleigh area Disc Golf Courses are now completed, however the information is still being uploaded daily so keep checking back. Thirdly, the forums are getting some activity, which we all appreciate. And lastly, you may have noticed some nice Google Ads on the site, which we hope will help you find more of your Disc Golf needs, as well as cut into the cost of hosting this site, driving to all the courses, and even help sponsor some tournaments in your area! Check back soon for more Disc Golf information for courses in our next targeted cities of: Charlotte, Burlington, and 1 lucky city in Western North Carolina that is TBA.

8/10/07 - More Courses Online
Things are really beginning to roll here at NCDiscGolfCourses.com. More information is coming up about every course each day. Currently we are finalizing courses around Raleigh, NC, but we are also gathering information from all over North Carolina. If you have any information you want to contribute feel free to e-mail us at Webmaster@NCDiscGolfCourses.com. Thank you for helping us become the best source of information about Disc Golf Courses in North Carolina.

NC Disc Golf Courses has gone Live!
We are now officially up and running. Take a look around, a great place to start is going to our "List Courses" section, where you can find some information for all 71 courses we are currently updating in North Carolina. Thanks for your patience as we make our way through the slow process of gathering all the information there is on all North Carolina Disc Golf Courses.